Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Dwell Design Show...Los Angeles

Steve and I most recently spent the past week travelling across the USA to spend time in Los Angeles for the LA Design Show hosted by Dwell Magazine at the LA Convention Centre. Many of you who follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram have watched our adventure and discoveries while at the show. Some of you may wonder why we would travel so far for a design show....well simply because we pride ourselves as a company on always following and being aware of what forward trends are occurring in other markets.  We look at design shows across North America and overseas to know what is trending our way not just in furniture, but also colour, building architecture, kitchen trends as well as electronic integration in residential use to name a few.  We enjoy it; for us it is exciting.  

Our application of what we see trending is what you see in our 30,000 square foot showroom in upholstery styles and fabrics,  dining and bedroom categories,
area rugs,
  mattress technology right down to the details of lamps and prints. 

 One of the most interesting trends we are watching at the moment is the tiny home movement.  In a small footprint of approximately 700 square feet people are downsizing from large 2400 square foot houses to small concept houses.   
Unique to see, appealing in a sense, but could you do it?  I'm intrigued but not sure that I could personally live in so small a home!  In my mind this takes Scandinavian minimalism to an entirely new level!  

Glamping was another trend that caught my eye. 
I'm the typical girly girly that wants my comfy Beautyrest Black mattress wherever I go.  The idea of not showering and doing my hair daily leaves me panicking!  This idea of 'glamour camping' takes me from my rigid stance of 'I'm not a camper'  to 'OK, NOW let's talk camping'.   What are your thoughts of glamping?  Would you do it?     As far as the packing I can handle it, but the transport of the equipment and setup is my husband's realm.  Would he do it?  Probably not...he's a well seasoned traveller who believes in packing light. 

Green trends are always a topic at design shows and I loved the wooden hand made bicycles, and the artisan lighting. 

We enjoyed the time we spent observing and speaking with new vendors in LA.  We'll keep you tuned on the new trends we see globally. Let us know what trend you've seen that you are loving!  Stay connected with our social media platforms to see what we're loving in design. 

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