Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Kids Furniture Essentials

by G.G. Goettler Furniture Inc.

Parents always want to give only the best to their little ones, even if sometimes it implies spoiling them! But what if they could spoil their kids with fair long-lasting “tangible assets” for many years? Yes, you guessed right: Kids furniture is a long lasting “capital good” which can endure for years! But, how to choose “the” furniture that will fit perfectly in your kids’ room?
First, you have to think practical while choosing the furniture designs. You don’t have to follow your kids’ fancy ideas as they might change very often; instead, you should opt for long, safe and functional furniture that will grow with them.

3 things are essentials in a kid’s bedroom:

1 - The masterpiece of the room : the bed

Choose the type of bed that will last until your kid becomes a teen. Full or twin size bed?  It’s only a slight difference in width! A full size bed is 15 inches wider than a Twin; yet, as a twin bed is longer it is a great asset for taller kids!

Loft beds are great for storage or for friends sleeping over….

 So are Bunk beds ….

and trundle beds!

2 - The ultimate place for clothes storage: the dresser

Buy a dresser that matches the bed. You can even choose a dresser with a mirror incorporated and add other cabinets if needed as time goes by and your kids grow.

 3 - Nightstand

Get the nightstand that goes with the bed and dresser, where you could put a lamp and books. It’s always nice to have a complete set and besides, you will get a good price for it too!

Finally, let yourself go and follow your kid’s creativity with decor by adding rugs, matching lights and bedding that reflects their personality. 

The most important factor in choosing your kid’s furniture is to make sure their bedroom is a “haven”, where they will have fun and feel comfortable! 

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Monday, 18 April 2016

Chemical-Free Cleaning Tips

by G.G. Goettler Furniture Inc.

Today is the largest environmental event in the world - Earth day! In fact, it is the perfect day to get involved in activities that can help make the planet cleaner, healthier and more sustainable. Even if one starts being eco-friendly at home by buying organic products, using energy-star appliances and recycling, it is a different story with furniture. In order to remain with today’s green spirit and lending our planet a helping hand, here are some tips on how to be eco-friendly while cleaning your furniture and upholstery.

First, you need to check your furniture cleaning code as it gives instructions and precautions on how to clean and care for it! If you bought or are planning to buy Ashley Furnitureyou will find a cleaning code on your upholstery and furniture. Following these cleaning codes will help you make your furniture look newer and to maintain them longer. Here are the guidelines:

Cleaning products, water…
Dry Cleaning only
Washing by hand
Clean only with dry cleaning solvent. Do not saturate. Do not use water.
Water only. Do not over wet. Do not use solvents to spot clean.
Spot clean. Do not saturate with liquid.
Vacuuming or light brushing only
E, N
Use the Millennium Leather Care Kit

Once, the cleaning tag is found, read and understood; it’s time to get equipped! In order to be efficient, you will need 3 things: 
  1. a vacuum cleaner
  2. accessories like small brushes, cloth/towels, buckets 
  3. cleaning products and water

How to proceed?

  •    Vacuum your furniture till it is dust free. If you vacuum your furniture frequently you will maintain it clean and well kept.

  •  Spot clean with cleaning products and water on the stains you wish to remove if the code is a “W, SW, WS “. You can also use a brush to take off the stains as well. This accessory works well while using powder on a stain.  Use cleaning products from manufacturers or you can make your own! If you need to clean pillows, check whether they have removable covers, as it will be easier to wash them separately.

  •       Dry your furniture by applying a cloth on it, if you washed it with water and foam. Vacuum it again to remove any dry powder residue. Then, you can start using your furniture again!

Homemade/Natural products tips:

Make your own washing cleaner depending on your need:

-mix lemon with some olive oil or jojoba oil will clean leather sofaschairs and fabric upholstery. It will also remove undesirable odors

- mix water and vinegar to help you get rid of food stains and/or pet little disaster!

Make your own dry cleaning powder with baking soda and corn starch to remove grease stains on leather and vinyl. After sprinkling the solution on the stains, let it sit for 4 hours. Finally wipe it with a clean cloth.

Everybody can contribute to the environment and make the planet a cleaner and healthier place.
Happy Earth Day!

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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Mix & Match Your Dining Room Furniture

Are you looking to spice up your dining room? You can add character to this space by mixing an array of furniture with a Vintage Casual style. All your pieces will have some type of character to them and they don’t need to be from the same collection! Besides, being too matchy-matchy has nearly become a home décor faux pas!

The dining table
First and foremost, begin with the dining table. The Mestler dining table is a simply shaped table with a beautiful rich bisque finish. Fortunately, the simplicity of the shape allows for the rich finish to take the spotlight. In fact, the beauty of picking a table as such is that you can allow yourself to ramp up the character with the seating.

Seating options
That being said, the second task is that of selecting the dining seating. The Mestler collection offers a variety of seating choices to meet your dining room décor needs. As a first option, the side chair featuring a beautiful distressed antique blue finish, would definitely add some much needed character to the table. However, if you feel that this option is antique blue overkill, you can play with the seating style and add a touch of blue instead. In order to pull this look off, opt for a mix of distressed antique blue chairs, distressed antique white chairs and a tufted light brown upholstered chair. All three dining chairs offer a Vintage Casual style that blends perfectly with the dining table.  

The piece that ties it all together
Lastly, the final touch resonates with the buffet. The Demarlos dining room server features a vintage-inspired style. This piece is bathed in a rich finish with gentle distressed accents and antique hardware. It screams character! Despite exuding character, its relaxed sensibility avoids an overstated look. Aside from being stylish, this server offers plenty of storage space – a must for ladies that love their china!

If you’re an individual who enjoys displaying a little character in your home, then this project is for you! Enjoy mixing and matching your pieces to achieve your desired look!

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring is Refreshing

by G.G. Goettler Furniture Inc.

There is nothing more refreshing than springtime! Flowers grow, day length increases and the weather gets warmer…so why not set up a fresh breeze and soothing atmosphere at home while the season is progressing? Spring is a synonym for renewal and the trendy teal color embodies new horizons.What a perfect time to freshen up your home with the color that looks perfect with your mood! Here are a few suggestions to help you build up a trendy breezy spring house:

  1.  Not afraid of the big change?

Make the big decision to change your furniture completely! Buy new a sofa and allow yourself, your family and your guests a better comfort while sitting in your living room

The color teal can definitely relax the atmosphere and brighten your room by giving it a fresh look. Sometimes even a single item like an accent chair can make the difference!

         2. Accessorize! 

Home accents can help while styling your house if you are not ready for a complete make over.  Bring your relaxed mood to another level with decorative pillows, wall art, lamps, rugs, ottomans and so on…

3. Choose easily!

Our À la carte option on our website is the cherry on top! It suggests a great selection of teal home accents and will give you practical hints to accessorize your home.

Come on, get inspired by home accents and browse with your emotions. Today is the day you are springing into a refreshing teal!


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Friday, 1 April 2016

How to Mix & Match Occasional Tables

by G.G. Goettler Furniture Inc.

Are you looking for occasional tables, but can’t seem to come up with a vision? If you intend to mix pieces rather than getting matching ones, then you might benefit from a few suggestions!

The Keeblen coffee table has apothecary-inspired details and a distressed finish. The lift-top also gives the table an eclectic feel and spacious drawers for all of your storage needs. While this piece is designed to be placed in front of your living room seating, it can also be used in the entrance of your home or a mudroom. All you need to do is throw a cushion on top of it, and presto! You have a new storage bench for either room. Then, for added visual interest, place some beautiful accent pillows as your final touch!

If you’re a fan of an eclectic style, then you’re in luck. The Keeblen’s style blends well with a number of different looks. Of course, you can always go the simple route and choose the matching end table. However, should you choose another end table, the Marimon is a match made in heaven. The beautiful woven industrial basket metal is topped with a black distressed wood. Its vintage rub-through black blends perfectly with the Keeblen’s grey undertones and black hardware. In addition, the top of the end table has just enough room for a nice lamp or to rest your mug beside a decorative vase.

Lastly, to complete the look in your living room, the Vennilux console table happens to be the last piece of the puzzle. Although the shape differs significantly from the others, its similar gray tones bring out the same casual style. This table is versatile in the sense that it can be placed against a wall, or even behind a sofa. Either way looks great! Again, if you prefer matching products, you can check out the associated products from this collection.

Home décor is like an art. Have fun playing with different pieces!

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