Friday, 22 September 2017


 It is again that time of year for Goettlers of Dublin Friends + Family (F+F) Sale. We run this major event throughout the last part of September…right up to the Thanksgiving Long Weekend.  

  Why is the Friends + Family Sale such a favorite?    Goettlers of Dublin is in their 66th year of continuous business. The late George Goettler started in a Red + White Grocery Store in the early 1950’s.  
  He sold not only foodstuffs, but work wear, footwear, and furniture. Samsonite card tables and chairs, La-Z-boy recliners,and Beautyrest mattresses were his core line-up. He always believed in selling excellent quality at a discounted price. Those sentiments are the foundation of the Company today.  

   On a major furniture sale like this, customers are offered price-drops on all items from both Goettlers of Dublin AND Chesterfield Warehouse Limited.   Customized furniture pieces are a big part of our business….and the price-drop is offered on all special orders.     
 Fantastic brand names such as La-Z-boy, Brentwood Classics, Decor-Rest, Superstyle, LeatherCraft, Simmons Hideabed, Capel Rugs, Magnussen, Durham, Canadel, Universal, Ashley Furniture, Benchcraft, Dublin House, Null, Uttermost, Howard Miller, Palliser, Rowe, Trendline, and Stylus.     The F+F is a great event here at Goettlers of Dublin….we hope to see you during this Sale.     
It has been the many Friends and Family of OUR family, that has kept us in business for all these years here in Dublin. Goettlers of Dublin appreciates the patronage of ALL our customers.  Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Goettlers of Dublin / Chesterfield Warehouse Limited. 

  Steve and Vivi Goettler

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

The Dwell Design Show...Los Angeles

Steve and I most recently spent the past week travelling across the USA to spend time in Los Angeles for the LA Design Show hosted by Dwell Magazine at the LA Convention Centre. Many of you who follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram have watched our adventure and discoveries while at the show. Some of you may wonder why we would travel so far for a design show....well simply because we pride ourselves as a company on always following and being aware of what forward trends are occurring in other markets.  We look at design shows across North America and overseas to know what is trending our way not just in furniture, but also colour, building architecture, kitchen trends as well as electronic integration in residential use to name a few.  We enjoy it; for us it is exciting.  

Our application of what we see trending is what you see in our 30,000 square foot showroom in upholstery styles and fabrics,  dining and bedroom categories,
area rugs,
  mattress technology right down to the details of lamps and prints. 

 One of the most interesting trends we are watching at the moment is the tiny home movement.  In a small footprint of approximately 700 square feet people are downsizing from large 2400 square foot houses to small concept houses.   
Unique to see, appealing in a sense, but could you do it?  I'm intrigued but not sure that I could personally live in so small a home!  In my mind this takes Scandinavian minimalism to an entirely new level!  

Glamping was another trend that caught my eye. 
I'm the typical girly girly that wants my comfy Beautyrest Black mattress wherever I go.  The idea of not showering and doing my hair daily leaves me panicking!  This idea of 'glamour camping' takes me from my rigid stance of 'I'm not a camper'  to 'OK, NOW let's talk camping'.   What are your thoughts of glamping?  Would you do it?     As far as the packing I can handle it, but the transport of the equipment and setup is my husband's realm.  Would he do it?  Probably not...he's a well seasoned traveller who believes in packing light. 

Green trends are always a topic at design shows and I loved the wooden hand made bicycles, and the artisan lighting. 

We enjoyed the time we spent observing and speaking with new vendors in LA.  We'll keep you tuned on the new trends we see globally. Let us know what trend you've seen that you are loving!  Stay connected with our social media platforms to see what we're loving in design. 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Canada150 @ Goettlers of Dublin

Canada Day

Goettlers of Dublin is a Canadian company...and we are thrilled to be part of the #Canada150 celebration.  Congratulations Canada!

For many years, #goettlersofdublin has merchandised and sold #designedandmadeincanada furniture, accessories and mattresses. We are most fortunate to have so many well designed and well built Canadian lines to show our customers.  Lines such as Brentwood Classics, Leathercraft, Superstyle, Future Chair, Decor Rest, Northland Art, Trendline, Stylus, Palliser, Simmons Hideabed, Canadel, Durham, Beautyrest, Trica, Springwater Woodcraft, Julien Beaudoin and many others.

Dublin, OntarioThese furniture collections are all showcased in our heritage building, here in the Village of Dublin.  Our building dates back to this country's Confederation era, circa 1867.
 We are slowly and carefully restoring sections of the plant, exploiting the vernacular architecture of the day.  This is a very exciting process... and has been an ongoing project for many years.

Our business started as a "RED and White" grocery store in the early 1950's by the late George Goettler.  It is now owned by Stephen Goettler, and managed by his wife, Vivi Jensen Goettler, and son, George Goettler.  

Steve and Vivi
We are thrilled to announce our 65th year in business.  We owe so much of this success to the families that have supported us from the grocery era, right through to the current furniture era.  To all of our customers, past and present, a very warm and heart felt "Thank you".

As many of you know, #goettlersofdublin exploits holiday weekends for major sale events.  This Canada Day weekend, we are not going to disappoint. We will be running our "CANADA150=$AVING$ sale ALL this Canada Day weekend.  We will be offering substantial PRICE DROPS on #designedandmadeincanada.....and the savings reach up to 50%.

We will be OPEN all weekend....refreshments/music/hospitality will never be in short supply.
Follow our social media posts to see sale times and the winners of our Canada150 contest. facebook  Instagram

Once again, have a great Canada Day weekend.....and oh yeah...."Happy Birthday".

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Upcoming Furniture

Furniture trends tend to shift more slowly than things like colors, decor, and more. But, they casually and effectively do change over the years. While some pieces will remain timeless, others will eventually fall out of fashion. Even still, some will fall away and come back. So, how can you stay on trend with your own home furniture? Know what to look for in upcoming trends, and think about how they’ll work for your home in the long run.

In the next year or so, there are several upcoming trends to look out for. One of the most prominent will be a sort of ‘glamourous’ feel to things. People want to feel as though they’re surrounded in luxury. Look for high-end design at affordable prices when furniture starts to follow this trend. Metallics, and sleek black modernism will also come into play. This tends to go hand in hand with the idea of luxury. Many people believe that things like clean lines and darker colors add a sense of minimalistic luxury to any home.

Also on trend in the next year is a style that has continued to grow in recent years, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon: Shabby chic. The rustic, distressed, farmhouse way of decorating your home has blossomed in popularity over the past few years, and furniture manufacturers are taking notice. Look for more and more brand new furniture to have a distressed or weathered look. It can provide a fine balance between something new having a more homey, comfortable touch. If you’re not ready to fully embrace the distressed trend, a few rustic accent pieces can work well in almost any room.

While these upcoming trends couldn’t be more opposite, they both are likely to show an increase in popularity over the upcoming year or two. Remember, your style and taste should reflect your personality, and the feeling you want people to have when they walk into your home.

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Monday, 27 February 2017

Jewel Colors

Jewel tones

This year has said its goodbyes to earthy beiges and welcomes pure drama with open arms. Beautiful deep jewel tones such as emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst and some pastel colors have emerged to bring life and richness in your home. By layering the colors and textures, a once cold space will definitely transform into a warm one, with just a few design elements! Your jewel tones do not necessarily have to match. So long as they are of a similar visual weight, then they will be visually harmonious. Let’s take a look at how we can incorporate jewel tones into your home, besides on your walls or window coverings.

Accent chair:
The “Clarinda” accent chair is the perfect blend between a classic slipper chair and a traditional wingback chair. This beautiful modern design features tapered legs and clean lines, along with a subtle tufting for added flair. While the deep seat and winged back offer comfort, this accent chair’s gorgeous sapphire blue color will surely make a statement in your room.

Are you looking for a piece that can add a lot of drama in your space? Then why not consider a jewel-toned sofa? The rich vibrant color of the “Sagen-Teal” sofa will awaken a certain regal vibe in your living roomYou will feel like royalty when you have a seat on the plush cushions and bold shape of this contemporary design.

Turn up the warmth in your space with a beautiful burgundy “Ashton” throw. The woven herringbone pattern, along with the thick fringe will add visual texture to a bed, sofa or chair! In fact, since the throw has so much personality, it would be best to pair it with shades of gray as a backdrop.

As you can see, vibrant colors are here to stay. Jewels tones are not only meant to be worn! Dress your home in the colors of royalty, so that you feel a certain distinction right within your own space.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Faux-Fur On Your Furniture

Faux-fur on your furniture

The winter is a season that brings out our primal instincts and leads us to preserve ourselves from the wretched bitter cold. So how exactly do we manage to do so in harsh weather conditions? We keep warm of course! One way of putting this into practice is by layering. In fact, the same concept is true for the home. You may find yourself pulling out extra rugs for layering, or your winter throw to keep you and your loved ones warm, while you spend time together in the family room. In 2017, these elements have made a comeback in the form of trendy ultra-soft and cozy furniture. Furry furniture is making its appearance either way, so why not embrace its fuzzy return?

The faux-fur throw:
One way that faux-fur has made its comeback is with the throw. The trend does not just imply neatly folding a fuzzy throw and placing it in a corner. Better yet, it serves as a tool to embellish your furniture! The beautiful texture will create a pop of aesthetic to your living room’s sofa or chair that’s reminiscent of nature’s beauty. Cover up your seating with the throw and you’ll have a new look in no time!

The faux-fur pouf:
Another way to give into your animal instinct is to add a luxurious faux-fur pouf to your home. Whether it is in your living room, bedroom or entrance, this piece will surely bring warmth to your space. Just see for yourself. Lay your feet on this fuzzy pouf and feel the incredibly soft and plush texture beneath your skin. This piece is truly a dream!

Nothing says warm like draping your home with cozy faux-fur. This can be done with faux-fur throws and poufs, which come in a variety of colors and textures. Not only does it capture wild beauty, but a jaw dropping feeling of luxury.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Nailhead Detail Design

Nailhead detail:

Nailhead detail is making its way into 2017 in a big way. The trend will go beyond the classic accent on upholstered pieces such as sofas and headboards. Now, it will make its way onto credenzas, storage chests and even on certain light fixtures. Some designers are venturing into creating patterns on pieces of furniture, rather than the typical outline. It’s definitely a great way to add some personality and style to your furniture! Let’s take a look at some of Ashley Furniture’s creations to enter the spotlight this year. Some of them are outside of the box!

The Classic Nailhead Sofa:
The nailhead trim sofa is and always will remain a classic. The accented details that surround the edge of the seating add certain sophistication to the upholstery. Your sofa will surely capture attention in your living room,as it boasts a beautiful polished silhouette. 
The Nailhead Mirror:
Nailheads have now made their way onto mirrors! There’s nothing scaled back about this piece! This particular look is a reflection of a modern and industrial design. The Ogier mirror by Signature Design features an accentuated gold nailhead trim, with a convex grid. The nailheads, along with the curvaceous form create an irreprehensible refinement. Hang it up in any room to experience how it will accent your wall.

The Nailhead Lamp:
The Sidony lamp is truly one of a kind! This table lamp features a metallic gray finish with a classic white hardback shade, a whimsical blend of simplicity and industrial traits. Create a soothing atmosphere in your space, by relaxing in the dim lighting this lamp will diffuse. Perfectly sized to fit on your nightstand or end table beside your sofa, this lamp will surely make a statement in your room!

The nailhead detail trend is going to impact furniture in various ways this year. Furniture designers are working overtime to think outside the box and of new ways to embellish your home. Are you ready to jump the bandwagon?

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Navy is the New Black

Navy is the new black:

In 2017, navy blue will be the preferred alternative to black. Whether your aim is to accent your room or to paint your walls, navy blue will add a modern twist, while lending a traditional feel to your home. That being said, it makes this color the perfect candidate to pair well with almost any color scheme and will add a certain sophistication to your room, without giving the eye an impression of being small. Let’s take a look at how navy blue can define your living room with the finesse you find in a picture perfect home décor magazine.

Your living room seating:
Put first things first. The fact is people get tired of flashy-colored sofasloveseats and chairs. If you’re not looking to change your furniture for a while and want to avoid cringing when you see the color once the fad is over, then sticking to a neutral color is the way to go. Picture a beautiful navy upholstered sofa in your living room. Just like the perfect Italian tailored suit, it will fit your space like a glove. The LaVernia collection is representative of this look with their beautiful selection of upholsteries and patterns.

Decorative Pillows:
Now that you nipped the living room seating in the bud, your choice of color scheme makes it quite easy to mesh well with the decorative pillows you may want to select. Again, it comes down to whether you want to stick to a traditional feel, which is timeless or if you have a wild streak and absolutely need to throw in some color. Besides, decorative pillows are not exactly the largest investment in the room! For a traditional feel, stick to navy blue and lighter shades of blue. If you want to add some character, fun patterns will add some visual interest. If adding contrasting colors is a must, then yellow is quite the happy color!

Home Décor:
Finally, the room is never complete without its accessories. Add throwscandleholdersvases and picture frames either in the traditional tones or in the contrasting tones if you prefer.

Now that you have your information about how navy blue will bring sophistication to your home, you can decipher whether this is the look you would like to achieve. Navy blue is the new black – the little black dress you will have in your home for many years to come.

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Monday, 30 January 2017

Mixing Patterns on Bedding

Mixed patterns are a trend that first made an appearance during New York Fashion Week in fall of 2016. Bear in mind that home décor trends are a reflection of what is seen on the runway, as it is what precipitates what is to come in the home. Pieces with mixed patterns were once a fashion faux pas, but this year is saying farewell to statement pieces being too busy. In fact, 2017 welcomes enticing and mismatched patterns. One can almost attest that this trend is perhaps bohemian-chic, as it portrays a nonconformist and free spirited look. This is especially seen in the bedroomthis year. Check out our  variety of mixed patterned bedding.

Belle Chase Bedding:

This bedding set was designed for a girl’s bedroom. Nothing about the color, texture and pattern says conventional. However, this patchwork design is sweet, yet grown-up and will give any little girl’s room a unique style. 
Damani Bedding:
The Damani quilt will simply delight your bedroom with its quaint twist on the classic patchwork design. It features beautiful soft and muted colors that are easy on the eyes. The toned down color scheme is said to create a certain sophistication.

Damalis Bedding:
This bedding is representative of the typical family heirloom style. It features a hand-quilted texture with a brilliant patchwork design. The fabrics each tell a story of their own. The colors are muted and quite feminine, which make this quilt an exquisite choice for a young woman’s room.

If you’re looking to create an avant-garde and unconventional style in your bedroom, then mixed patterns is the way to go! It’s the perfect opportunity to express your inner hippie, by setting an atmosphere with happy tones. You just may capture that eclectic charm with artistic elements that you’ve been longing for.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Marble: Bringing timeless to your furniture

Perhaps one of the hottest home design trends to make an appearance in 2017 will be marble without a doubt! Design experts predict that marble will not only become an increasingly sought after material for countertops, flooring and backsplash, but there will be a surge in demand for household furniture and home decor. In fact, some of the staple furniture pieces will be buffetsoccasional tables and home decor. Let’s take a look at how the marble trend will affect these categories.

The buffet
As you know, the buffet compliments your diningroom, by storing your favorite china and displaying your family keepsakes and heirlooms. It adds depth to the room, all while offering extra storage space. When marble is mixed in the equation, you get a beautiful and timeless design. The popular marble buffet features a faux marble top, a light brown finish, open storage shelves, three draws and dark hardware to add a pop of color.

The lamp
Bear in mind the same beauty for a contemporary tablelamp or floorstanding lamp. If you loved the picture you painted so far with the buffet, then you will surely find that adding this accessory to your occasional table, your desk or in a corner beside the sofa is a great way to emphasize luxury. Picture a beautiful arc-style design, an adjustable post, a brushed silvertone metal and a marble foot. The Asabi lamp is just what your need to have your room scream luxury.

Occasional tables
Last but not least, the Radilyn occasional tables will project elegance right in the center of your conversation space, as it will tie together your living room seating. Not to mention it will serve you well to rest refreshments for your guest! Even on days that they will stand alone, the focal point of your living room will embody a certain refinement.


Adding these pieces to your home is the perfect stylish solution to creating a touch of elegance. From white to grey and any shade in between, faux marble paired with either a wood byproduct or steel will capture much of the refinement seen in some of the most beautifully designed homes.

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