Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Proper Eating Habits

by G.G. Goettler Furniture Inc.

We have great news for those obsessed with dieting - March is the national nutrition month this year! Nonetheless, we are not nutritionists and will not suggest what you shouldn’t eat nor give you any recipes – even if, these tips could help lots of us as spring is coming! Then why not talk about eating habits for once! What eating habits should we adopt to stay healthy and live longer? Here are our pieces of advice:

Time does matter!

Some American surveys reveal that 7.11 am is the ideal time for breakfast, 12.38pm for lunch, and 6.14pm for dinner.  Whether there is any best time to eat or not, when we are less active especially in the evening, it takes more time to burn calories- that’s a fact! Yet, what really matters is not at what time you eat, but how many times you eat on a daily basis. 

Fuel up 3 times a day with a healthy meal and have some healthy snacks in between if need be. This is a great habit to develop. You don’t have to apply the famous phrase: “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” as you know your limit. However, never overeat especially before going to bed! While eating, take your time to enjoy each bite!

Eat in the best room ever… It is always better to have a sit-down dinner than to eat on the go. Obviously, our dining room is arguably the best place to have your meals or as a second option, there’s always the kitchen! As long as you sit on a chair, you are in the right spot!

Keep the rhythm! Eating in the dining room is also great for sharing family moments. Families share about their day or/and make plans. We will always remember those times where we were all seated around the table, eating all kinds of food, even green vegetables and discussing! Everyone needs their daily portion of fruit and vegetables and if leading by example can help our kids, why not adopt this routine?  It will certainly reduce some health problems later too! So keep the rhythm…

As a last piece of advice, follow healthy eating habits more than 31 days. How long could we carry on with this challenge? You know the answer…Have the greatest and healthiest March ever!

Content provided by: @tailbase